Examples of Mobile Campaigns


Restaurant, Coffee Shop

Assume, for example that you run a coffee shop with two locations; in Metrotown and Vancouver. You can create two campaigns called: JAVAVAN and JAVAMETRO. Then, you promote them in your stores or via regular marketing channels. The store in Metrotown would invite visitors to send a word JAVAMETRO to 77777 to subscribe to its mobile list, then offer shoppers a 10% off their next purchase.
The phone numbers of the subscribers are collected in your account and are available to you to send them appropriate promotions. To do so, you login to your secure web account, write a template message and send it to the group. For example:


SMS alert to invite customers to a sale


You can also create automated responders. For example, when someone sends word ADDRESS to 77777, the application will automatically send a list with location of your stores.   To keep you abreast of usage and success of your marketing campaigns, usage and transaction reports are available on-line in real-time











Ski Hill Operator
You can also create automated services so that your customers can obtain valuable information about your business while they are mobile. For example, imagine you are a ski hill operator and create a keyword SKICONDITIONS and as a response record current ski conditions (you can update them at any time, from anywhere). When someone sends word SKICONDITIONS to 77777, your account will automatically send the conditions on the slopes and perhaps include a bonus offer to entice the customer to visit your mountain. Perhaps the visibility is not so great, but your offer for a 2-for-1 ski ticket will still bring this customer and a friend to your resort.





Shoe Store
Your customers see the initiation to subscribe to your service on your web site, business documents, promotional pages. For example, imagine you are a retail store selling youth fashion. You would invite your customers to signup to your one-per-week_special_item by sending word FASHION to 77777. When someone sends text message FASHION to 77777 from her phone, her phone number is automatically recorded in your customer list. The customer also receives immediate response, informing her that she will get 1 message per week with latest fashion deals from you. How cool!!




At your Sunday service you can invite your Church members to a picnic. Members who subscribe to this event by sending word PICNIC to 77777 will then receive timely alerts with location and time changes (in case of rain for example). After the event, you can delete the group or invite members to subscribe to another event.




Local Newspaper

If you are running a newspaper you can invite your readers to become your "reader journalists" by sending shot messages with events they see. txtr.ca will collect these messages and display them for your staff to review and, perhaps, follow-up on the lead of what could be an important newspaper article. You can also send messages to members of your "mobile panel" and conduct quick opinion polls on a variety of topics. For example, in your txtr.ca account you can create a campaign that will ask 500 subscribed members the following message:


"For a chance to will a pair of Canucks tickets, Who was the MVP of last night's game? Rply 1 for Luongo, 33 for Naslund or 2 for Ohlund. Send STOP to opt-out."


txtr.ca will collect responses for you and present them in your on-line account.



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